Manufacturing Mastery

The Path to Building Successful and Enduring Manufacturing Businesses

The mission of your manufacturing business matters. To attain that mission, if it is more than to simply make money, your company must endure until that mission is accomplished.

Building any business is difficult. Building a successful and enduring manufacturing business is not more difficult, but it is different. It involves not more work, but better work that is more fun and creates meaning.

This book shows you the path to do just that.

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This book should be read by every leader who is interested in building an enduring business over merely maximizing current revenues. Morgan provides a set of guiding principles and provocative thinking that is valuable to that process. While written for leaders of closely-held manufacturing companies, its ideas provide amazing insights to leaders of all businesses.
– Marshall Goldsmith, Thinkers 50, #1 Executive Coach and only two-time #1 Leadership Thinker in the world

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Manufacturing in the 21st century is not a question of if – Rather, it is a function of why, what, who, where, and how.

While manufacturing will not die, individual manufacturing companies will if they do not learn to thrive in this new world. This book is a dynamic guide for manufacturing leaders who want to reduce the ambiguity and overwhelming changes and develop a realistic, progressive, and responsive thinking process that enables success.
It provides a business operating system framework that is the foundation for connecting the many pieces of a manufacturing business into an effective, profitable operation. The author walks through the elements, relationships, capabilities, and mutability 21st-century manufacturing requires. This book does not overwhelm with details and models; rather it provides thinking and examples in small chunks that enable manufacturers to develop and master skills for high-level strategic leadership in ambiguity.