Manufacturing Mastery

Readiness and Benchmarking Assessments

The first question you must answer, and not do so casually, is: Do you want to build an enduring manufacturing business?  If you can make that commitment, the next question is about current financial stability. The first part of the assessment helps you answer those questions.

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If the changes required of creating an enduring business are accepted, and the financial stability to support those changes is in place, you are prepared to assess your beginning status in all key arenas. Each may range from non-existent to world beating. There are no wins and losses now; you simply need to understand from where you begin this journey. Your initial assessments may be verified, or overturned, in the coming months as you better understand each of these major components described in this book.

The book was published in 2021. I am again offering purchase bonuses. I WANT you to succeed and endure, if you want it bad enough.

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